AB Mobike Loan

    Purpose :
  • For purchase of a new engine driven two wheeler.
  • Employee having minimum salary of Rs.15000/pm or ITR of Rs.180000. Loan eligibility will be six months’ salary or ½ of ITR amount maximum of Rs.1.00 Lac.
  • Age : 21 to 60 years. In case of salaried persons, the loan should be repaid 3 months before the date of retirement.
  • Guarantee

    Guarantee of Spouse and a person of good means.

    Loan Amount:
  • Maximum Rs.1.00 Lac
  • Margin:
  • 15% of total cost on road.
  • Hypothecation of articles being financed and /or other items of existing article owned by the proponent covering the full value of loan amount.
  • Guarantee of spouse or parents (in case of unmarried applicants).
    Repayment Period
  • 48 months through EMI
  • Prepayment Charges
  • *2.25% of outstanding balance only in case of takeover.