AllBank Suvidha

  • All Existing Individual account holders including our Bank employees(Existing,VRS/Retired employee), above the age of 18 Years.

  • To meet personal need/Business Need and all other kind of expenses.

  • Only Individual depositors can avail overdraft either at Branches or through Internet Banking.

  • All other including joint depositors can avail overdraft at Branches Only.

  • Minimum Overdraft Loan Amount:10000/-(Rupees Ten Thousand only).

  • No Maximum Limit

  • Margin- 10%

  • 1% over Deposit Rate (0.50% over deposit rate for our Bank employee(Existing,VRS/Retired employee))

  • Delivery Channel- All Branches,Internet Banking

  • Processing Fees - NIL

  • Lien over Banks Deposit

  • Repayment is On Demand and co-terminus with the underlying term deposit if outstanding in overdraft account reaches to threshold level(i.e.95% of the deposit amount along with accrued interest).

  • On maturity,If the outstanding is well within the threshold level (i.e.95% of the deposit amount along with accrued interest) the underlying term deposit and also the existing OD Limit will be renewed for original period of deposit at the prevailing deposit rate. The rate of interest in overdraft account shall be adjusted accordingly.At every renewal of deposit,Rate of Interest shall automatically be updated in Overdraft accounts.