Fixed Deposit

This is a term deposits repayable after an agreed period fixed at the time of deposit. It will include both deposits made for a fixed period and deposits made subject to notice of withdrawal.


Double Deposit Plan

Double Deposit Plan (DDP) is an amalgam of Fixed Deposit Scheme and Recurring Deposit Scheme. The interest payable on Fixed Deposit is compounded at quarterly intervals.Although the interest payable is compounded quarterly, it is paid along with the principal only at the end of the stipulated period.


Monthly Income Plan

Money is invested under this plan provide fixed monthly income by way of interest to the depositor for a specified period leaving the amount intact. The scheme will specially appeal to retired people who earn no pension.


Tax Benefit Term Deposit

Allahabad Bank Tax Benefit Term Deposit Scheme" offering the benefit under Sec.80C of Income Tax Act for the depositors (Income Tax assesses).Any amount not exceeding Rupees one lakh in a year commencing on the 1st day of April of respective years. The amount to be deposited shall be a minimum of Rupees one hundred or multiples thereof.


AllBank RD General

AllBank RD Plus is a type of deposit wherein the depositor pays an agreed fixed amount of money into his/her account every month over a stipulated period.


AllBank RD Plus

Variable Recurring Deposit is a type of deposit wherein the depositor has the option of flexibility in payment of installments at hisconvenience based on his fund availability.


MACT & MACAD Account

Special Deposit Products for disbursement of compensation amount, as decided by Court/Tribunal to the victims of road accidents, so that the same may be disbursed by the Claims Tribunals to the claimant(s) in a phased manner.