ALLBANK e-Trade Online Trading Facility from Allahabad Bank

  • At Allahabad Bank, it is our constant endeavor to bring to you the exemplary products and services to serve you better. In today’s time, the equity market offers a range of trading and investment opportunities. To unlock these opportunities for our customers, we are proud to introduce a unique 3-in-1 account. With this 3-in-1 proposition, Saving / Current account and Demat account offered by Allahabad Bank will be linked with online trading account offered by Aditya Birla Money Ltd.
  • Aditya Birla Money is a single brand, offering the combined products and services of Aditya Birla Money Limited and Aditya Birla Money Mart Limited. M/s Aditya Birla Money Ltd. is also a SEBI registered stock broker and a Corporate member of both National level Stock Exchanges; NSE & BSE. Offerings of Aditya Birla Money are delivered through a strong pan India distribution network of about 1000 owned and franchisee branches with a robust online and offline model powered by a strong Research & Analytics and a technology backbone to a large customer base.

Allahabad Bank integrates the above three accounts under one ‘AllBank e-Trade Facility’ to have a seamless experience for customers while they invest and transact in the stock markets. Given below are few of the ‘Features & Benefits’ our customers can avail of.

  • Trade on multiple platforms (Online, Mobile and Offline), all at one go!
  • Simply log on to Allahabad bank website click on “AllBank e-Trade”. Enter your User Id and password and start the trading by lien marking of funds in your Bank Account for placing a buy order and allocating the securities marked in your Demat Account will be removed after market hours.
  • Customers can now have a full control over their funds and can also make use of the unutilized funds after the trading hours with ‘Lien Marking of Funds’ facility.
  • Customer can select the equity and number of shares he intends to sell and to that extent the shares get blocked in the Demat account maintained with the Bank with “DP Lien facility”.
  • Convenience of executing instant trades without the hassle of transferring funds from bank account to trading account and vice versa
  • Smart and convenient way to buy and sell shares through Demat Account, Basket Order, Cover Order, AMO etc.
  • Quality research and advisory support from ‘Aditya Birla Money’ can help you take informed decisions; Customers can also receive Premium research and stock tips on their Mobile as well.
  • Call and Trade facility at no additional cost to place orders anytime, anywhere.
  • Access to the latest corporate news/announcements, technical analysis, research news.
  • Generate/view/print Accounts related reports and details (contracts/bills/ledger, trade bill, net position details, etc.) anytime, anywhere.
  • High and multiple level of security ensures security of your data and transactions at all times
  • Competitive brokerage charges

For further details/clarifications, please contact our AllBank Demat branch – Phone 011-23743695, Fax: 011-23743694, email:


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