The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in Manufacturing and service sector are defined as under in MSMED ACT, 2006
Particulars Investment in Plant & Machineries in case of Manufacturing Enterprises Investment in Equipment in case  of Service Sector Enterprises
Micro Enterprises Up to Rs. 25/- lacs Up to Rs.10/- lacs
Small Enterprises Above Rs. 25/- lacs and up to Rs.500/- lacs Above Rs.10/- lacs and upto Rs.200/- lacs
Medium Enterprises Above Rs.500/- lacs and up to Rs.1000/- lacs Above Rs.200/- lacs and up to Rs.500/- lacs

MSME campaigns for the financial year 2016-17 as on 31.03.2017:

No. of campaigns held 577
No. of persons given loans in the campaigns 42078
Amount of loan given Rs.1422 Crore

Training provided for the bank staff on MSME needs and number of persons trained :

102 training program conducted on MSME during FY 2016-17 wherein 2459 staff trained. During FY 2017-18, till 30.06.2017, 27 training programme conducted on MSME wherein 936 staff trained.

Number of people trained in RSETIs and of them those provided credit linkage :

During FY 2016-17, 14725 persons were trained in 530 training programs of which 10325 persons were settled and 4125 persons have been provided credit linkage. During FY 2017-18 (as on 30.06.2017), 2732 persons were trained in 116 training programs, 1390 personas settled, out of which 506 persons have been provided credit linkage

Branch level customer meets held :

All Specialized SME financing branches organize customer meets from time to time to have face to face interaction with the existing as well as prospective customers.