As a next step towards women empowerment, the Bank has decided to offer the women of the nation a savings bank product "Allbank Shakti" that makes available investment opportunities & much more.


Normal Savings

Saving Bank accounts as the name implies,are intended for savings for future.The very purpose of this type of account is to promote saving habit of general public.


Premium Savings

This scheme is basically a value-added Saving Bank product. Premium facilities for elite class.


Three in One

The facility offers customers convenience to trade from residence,office or any place where he can have access through internet using laptop/personal computer-thereby saving customers valuable time.


Vikash Savings

Vikash SB Account is formulated ,aiming at mobilizing accounts of various development programmes under the aegis of local/state/central govt and non-govt organiztions.


Saral Savings

To provide access to certain minimum common facilites of normal banking services to all customers without the requirement of any minimum balance.


Savi Fix

All the existing Savings Bank Account holders and new Savings Bank Account Holders,who are maintaining accounts in Individual Capacity.This facility will not be provided to Firms,Companies,Trusts,Institutions etc. who may be having SB Account as per respective eligiblity.


Mahila Sanchay

The scheme is introduced with the objective of empowerment of Women in the society.In the process more and more women customers would also come in the Banks customer profile ,which is lower at a lower level up till now.


Salary Premium

The employees of Central Govt./State Govt./ PSUs/Corporations/ Educational institutions/ Corporates/ Public Ltd. Cos. / Pvt. Ltd. Co. may avail the value added savings account wherein the monthly salary of the employees will be credited.


AllBank Senior

In a bid to pay its tribute to the senior citizens of the country our Bank has decided to offer a specially designed scheme ”Allbank Senior” for them.The scheme comes with multiple benefits for the senior citizens e.g. discount on locker rentals,discount in health checkups and much more for the senior citizens.