Vikash SB Account

  • AllBank Vikash SB Account is formulated, aiming at mobilizing accounts of various developmental programmes under the aegis of local/state/central government and non-government organizations.
  • 25% discount on all Service Charges across the board for transactions through the account for Any Amount and Any number of Times.
  • Instant credit of all outstation cheques up to Rs.25,000/-.
  • All organizations under local (Panchyat/ Municipality)/ State/ Central Government engaged in various developmental programmes like, poverty eradication, Economic condition alleviation programmes, literacy programmes, sanitation programmes, health programme, Indiraawas Yojna and non-government organizations (NGOs), engaged in social causes & services, developmental and extension services would be eligible for opening such accounts.
  • The organization is required to maintain a minimum balance of Rs.50,000/-.