All Bank Home Plus

    Purpose :
  • For general purpose.
  • Target Group
  • Existing Borrowers, who availed Housing Loan from Our Bank.
  • The Borrower switching over to our Bank from Other Bank/FI, subject to compliance of all the norms applicable for Takeover of Housing Loan.
  • The Borrower should have made repayment of 12 monthly installments regularly in the existing term loan (Housing Loan) as per original sanction terms.
  • All individuals, who have availed Housing Loan and paid at least 12 monthly installments regularly
    Loan Limit :
  • The existing loan outstanding and proposed loan both put together should not exceed 80% of the market value of the property.Loan Amount is restricted to 20% of the existing housing loan limit (subject to maximum limit considered as Rs. 25.00 Lacs, (Rupees Twenty Five Lac only)).
  • The maximum loan under the scheme is Rs.5.00 Lac only.
  • Rate of Interest
  • MCLR+1.25%
  • Security: Supplemental Mortgage of the property offered as primary security in the existing loan account.
    Term Loan:
  • The Loan is to be repaid in EMI. Remaining period up to attainment of 70 years of age or 10 years, whichever is less