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BHIM Referral Bonus Scheme for Individuals

The scheme scope is only for BHIM users. As of now, the scheme duration is 6 months from 19.04.2017.

The bonus will be paid as follows:

Referral Bonus Cashback amount

Total Amount (in Rs.) per BHIM user

- New BHIM user (Referee) (per person)


- Referrer (per person)


Total referral bonus amount


1.3. Definitions

  • “Referrer”: means a person (existing user of BHIM) who refers BHIM to a new user – Has to be BHIM user
  • “Referee”/ “New User”: means a first time user of BHIM – Has to be BHIM user
  • “Referral code”: means the mobile number of the referrer
  • “Valid financial transactions”: Money transfer from one bank account to another bank account of amount greater than or equal to Re. 1 and less than or equal to Rs 10,000 using BHIM
  • “Valid Referral Mobile Number” 10 digit mobile number of referrer issued in India who is already an existing BHIM user and have performed at least one successful transaction
  • “Valid Receiver” -Can be any UPI valid user or a merchant including BHIM user/merchant

1.4. Reference Bonus Scheme for individuals:

The scheme is intended to incentivize an existing user of BHIM to bring new users on the BHIM platform and encourage the new user to do transaction using BHIM with other users or by referring new users on BHIM. Hence, the bonus will be paid to both the referrer and the new user of BHIM (referee) and the referral will be considered successful only after 3 successful financial transactions (to any valid UPI user – “valid receiver”) performed by the referee.

The Scheme will proceed as follows:
An existing BHIM user (Referrer) to refer BHIM application to new user (Referee) New BHIM user (Referee) initiates access to BHIM app or by dialing *99# from his/her mobile number registered with bank and complete on-boarding process on BHIM i.e. downloading, registering and fetching the bank account. New BHIM user (Referee) completes his/her first eligible financial transaction with any unique user.

To establish the referral relationship between referrer and referee –

  1. Referee needs to enter the referral code (mobile number) of the referrer at the time doing the first financial transaction with any unique user (to any valid UPI user including BHIM – “valid receiver”)
  2. The referral code field (as an option) will appear on the transaction page and will be visible only to the new BHIM user (referee) at the time of their first financial transaction process
  3. In case of *99#, the referee will choose the option of entering the referral code (as an option) at the time of on-boarding
  4. System shall validate that if the referrer mobile number is valid BHIM registered

On completion of minimum 3 unique successful transactions totaling to Rs. 50 to any 3 unique users (either P2P or P2M), the referrer and the referee will be notified about the bonus amount via notification in BHIM app. In this the referrer and referee has to be on BHIM user, however he can perform financial transaction with any valid UPI user / merchant. The bonus will be credited to the bank accounts of the referrer and the referee after meeting the eligibility criteria (as stated below)

  • For Crop loan Component: Nil
  • For Term Loan Limit under Akshay Krishi Kisan Credit Card scheme where the limit is arrived on the basis of 50 % of the value of land ( fixed by appropriate authority in the blocks/circles/districts of the state )- Margin-Nil

1.5. Eligibility Criteria

A.Referral relationship to establish –

  1. Referee needs to do first financial successful transaction with any unique user.
  2. Referee needs to provide the 10 digit mobile number (already registered and active on BHIM) of the referrer as referral code at the time of doing the first financial transaction.

In case, referee fails to enter the referral code at the time of doing the transaction, the referral relationship will not be established and it will not be considered as part of receiving bonus amount

B.Qualification to earn Referral bonus amount –

  1. Referee (who successfully entered a referral code) has to complete minimum 3 successful financial transactions to 3 unique users (to any valid UPI user – “valid receiver”) during the scheme period using BHIM app.
  2. The referee and referrer has to be BHIM User.
  3. The total transactions value should be equal to or more than Rs. 50.
  4. Referrer can be a part of the unique user who is receiving the funds . The minimum transaction value should be Rs.1
  5. Other criteria:
    Only valid approved transactions from BHIM app or *99# will be considered for the scheme The “referrer” and the “first time user” should use the BHIM app or *99# to make transactions Both “send” and “request” transactions with any valid UPI user / merchant will be considered as valid transactions
    Value of transactions should be between (and including) Rs. 1 to Rs. 10,000 The maximum referral amount that a referrer can earn is Rs 25,000 per month “Unique BHIM users”: A user will be categorized as new user only if his/her mobile no. & bank account is unique to any other BHIM user. Below table showcases all the cases but not limited for identification of unique users. NPCI will determine in their sole discretion whether the customer is a unique user

Mobile No.

Bank Account




New User



Existing User



Existing User



Existing User

  • Specified crops grown in notified areas will be covered under NCIP (National Crop Insurance Programme), Modified National Agriculture Insurance Scheme/(MNAIS)/ Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme(WBCIS) /Coconut Palm Insurance Scheme (CPIS) as operated by concerned State Government.
  • Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (PAIS) is also available. (click here for details).
  • Optional Health Insurance for famer customers is available (click here for details).


The scheme scope is only for BHIM users. As of now, the scheme duration is 6 months from 19.04.2017.

The cashback incentive slabs for merchants are:

No. of credit transactions (per month)

Cashback to the merchant (at the end of the month)



Rs 100

From at least 20 unique
Minimum transaction value of
Rs. 25 each

> 100

50 paise per transaction
maximum upto Rs. 200

1.3. Definitions

  • “Referral code”: means the mobile number of the referrer – who has to be BHIM user
  • “Valid financial transactions”: Transaction amount ≥ Rs. 25
  • “Valid Referral Mobile Number” 10 digit mobile number of referrer issued in India who is already an existing BHIM user and have performed at least one successful transaction
  • “Valid receiver” – Can be any UPI valid user or a merchant including BHIM user/merchant
  • “Merchant”: Has to be BHIM user. For the purposes of the Referral and Cash back Scheme for BHIM as merchant would be defined as: Any entity which is engaged in trading of goods and services. The merchant has an option to declare himself into the BHIM app as a merchant.
    The transaction criteria to qualify to receive incentive is the merchant should have received min of 50 credit transactions from atleast 20 unique transactions from valid UPI unique customers including that of BHIM users in a month.
    The computation for the incentives shall be done basis the transaction criteria.

1.4. Cashback Scheme for Merchants:

  1. Merchant can download and install the BHIM App or *99# in his phone and will have an option to self-declare himself/herself as merchant by clicking on “I Am A Merchant’ tab in BHIM App.
  2. Once the user clicks on the “I AM A MERCHANT” tab, he/she has to fill in appropriate details asked by the BHIM App - business name, contact number (auto populated), merchant category (drop-down), merchant address, city, pin-code, account type
  3. The scheme applies to all merchants who receive payments on BHIM App or *99#
  4. Reward section in BHIM app would display the cashback received to the merchant.
  5. Merchant can use any mode available on BHIM [QR Code, VPA, Mobile number, or Aadhaar number] to collect the payments from their customers. Both push and pull based payments shall qualify for this payments.
  6. On achieving the cashback incentive slab as defined for the merchants, NPCI initiates the cashback process using NACH platform and the merchant is notified of the cashback via notification in BHIM app

Thus the cashback to the merchant will range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 300 per month and the maximum cashback that a merchant can earn will be Rs. 1800 in 6 months.

1.5. Eligibility Criteria

A. Defined Transaction Criteria for Merchants to qualify for cashback are:

  1. Min of 50 credit financial transactions of which atleast 20 transactions is from valid UPI unique customers including that of BHIM users
  2. The minimum transaction value for all above transactions should be Rs. 25

B. Other Criteria: –

Merchant should be on BHIM user, however he/she can receive credit from any valid UPI customer to qualify the transaction criteria Merchant cashback scheme is a monthly program and calendar months are considered for the all the activities related to the scheme. Cashback incentives to the eligible merchants will be credited to their linked accounts on or before 10th day of the subsequent calendar month
Merchant can earn cashback or bonus as part of Merchant Incentive Scheme and Customer Referral Scheme as referrer or referee (the overlap of Merchant and Referrer is acceptable)

BHIM Aadhaar Publicity Material :-

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