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Internet Banking Safety Measures

  • Every Internet Banking user has been provided with User ID, Login Password and Transaction Password. These three items enable a user to login to Internet Banking and commit transactions like fund transfer. So, these should be very confidential to the customer/user and should never be disclosed to anybody even a person claiming from Allahabad Bank. 
  • It is customer/user responsibility not to disclose User ID, Login Password and Transaction Password. So, it is always better to keep password complex, a mix of alphanumeric & special character, so that it is difficult to guess by others. 
  • Always maintain different login and transaction passwords so that compromise of password becomes difficult.
  • Change your Internet Banking passwords (Login as well as Transaction) regularly so that there is less chances of guessing of the same by others.
  • Never click a hyperlink in your email or any link on any website which directs you to login to Allahabad Bank’s Internet Banking website. Most of these links are fictitious which leads to fake website and aims to get User ID and Password of the customer so that unauthorised access is made to Internet Banking for siphoning-off money. 
  • Always type the address of the website in the address bar of the browser or access it from stored list of favorites.
  • Do not access any website such as bank website through a link in an email or through another website.
  • Always ensure before entering user ID and password that you have accessed https://www.allbankonline.in for Internet Banking service. The website can also be accessed through Internet Banking link in Allahabad Bank's web site www.allahabadbank.in. Beware from phishing websites wherein pages looks same as in the bank’s original website but website addresses are different. 
  • Avoid accessing your Internet Banking account from a cyber cafe or a public computer as there is risk that some hidden applications (Spyware like Keyloggers) installed on such computer may be capturing your user ID and passwords. Preferably use virtual keypad for entering password.
  • Every time you login to Internet Banking, check the date and time of last login to ensure that it is you who logged-in that time. In case of any doubt of somebody else having access your account, first change the login & transaction passwords and verify your transactions. In case of any discrepancies, inform the branch.
  • The past login details and navigation within the menu can be checked through history option. 
  •  Every time you complete your online banking transaction, logoff through logout option rather than just closing your web browser,because in such instance, session remains valid even after closing the web browser. 
  • Always track your account activity by checking your balances and statements online for any unauthorized transaction. 
  • Clear all browsing history (temporary files, cookies, etc) before leaving the system. Also close the browser after proper logout. 
  • Always update your correct and current mobile number with the branch to get SMS alert for your online transactions. If you are not getting SMS alerts about your transactions in the account, contact your home branch for updation of your mobile number in the bank’s system to receive the SMS. 
  • Always access Internet Banking through latest version of browsers like Internet Explorer 7.0 & above, Firefox 3.6.3 & above, etc as URL turns green to indicate that you are accessing safe Allahabad Bank Internet Banking site.
  •  Disable the "Auto Complete" function in browser to increase the security of your information.
  • Before entering User-ID and Password check whether the url in the browser starts with “https://” and a padlock icon at the right bottom corner of the browser.
  • You can also verify the genuineness of internet banking website by entering CIF number and Date of Birth in the option “Is this a Valid site?” and therefore, a phishing website can easily be detected if you do not get correct personal details. 
  • In case of any problem you may write to ibteam@allahabadbank.in and contact your home branch without delay.
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