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Account Opening Form NRE/FCNR/NRO

Account opening forms duly filled in may kindly be forwarded to the NRI maintaining branches along with the following documents

Requirements for opening an Account

  • Please enclose a Copy of your PASSPORT duly attested.
  • Kindly enclose PHOTOGRAPHS OF ACCOUNT HOLDERS signed across.
  • All particulars including interest mode, renewal instructions and nominations may kindly be filled up.
  • Please provide us with LOCAL AND OVERSEAS ADDRESS including CONTACT PHONE/FAX, E-MAIL ADDRESS etc.
  • PHOTOGRAPHS, SIGNATURE AND OTHER DOCUMENTS should be attested by any one of the following: -
  • An official authorized by the Indian Embassy or Consulate abroad.
  • Notary
  • Hong Kong branch
  • Your Banker
  • A person known to the Bank.

  • For the purpose of opening a new account and for further crediting your existing accounts, you may kindly remit funds through the following modes to our branches where your account is being maintained.
  • A demand draft drawn in foreign currency.
  • Your personal cheques in foreign currency drawn on your account abroad.
  • Transfers from existing FCNR/NRE accounts with our Bank.
  • SWIFT Remittance indicating the details of account, beneficiary name etc.

  • Click here to download account opening form