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Online Payments

Now you can make online payments by instant debit to your Internet Banking Account for various online transactions like Premium payments, Mobile Bill Payments, Online ticket booking, Credit Card bill payments, Donations, Online Shopping etc at the following merchant websites:

Sl. No. Biller Name WEB Site Category
1 Jet Airways


2 SpiceJet Ltd. www.spicejet.com Airlines
3 Reliance Securities www.reliancemoney.com Brokerage
4 Motilal Oswal www.motilaloswal.com Brokerage
5 Reliance Money www.reliancemoney.com Brokerage
6 TATASKY www.tatasky.com Cable
7 BIG TV www.bigtv.co.in Cable
8 OXICASH www.oxicash.in Cash Cards
9 ZIPCASH www.zipcash.in Cash Cards
10 Keral Social
Security Mission
www.socialsecuritymission.gov.in Charity
11 Nasscom Foundation www.nasscomfoundation.org Charity
12 Shree Siddhivinayak
Temple Trust
www.siddhivinayak.org Charity
13 CRY- Children Relief
and You
www.cry.org Charity
14 HSBC Credit Card hsbc.co.in Credit Card
15 SBI GE Credit cards sbicard.com Credit Card
16 Bank of Baroda
- Credit Card
bobcards.com Credit Card
17 Syndicate Bank
Credit Card
syndicatebank.in Credit Card
18 American Express
Credit Card
americanexpress.com Credit Card
19 HDFC Bank Credit Card www.hdfcbank.com Credit Card
20 ICICI Bank Credit Cards www.icicibank.com Credit Card
21 Standard Chartered
Bank Credit Card
www.standardchartered.co.in Credit Card
23 Citibank Credit Card www.citibank.com/india Credit Card
23 Deutsche Bank
Credit card
www.deutschebank.co.in Credit Card
24 PNB Credit Card pnbcard.in Credit Card
25 NSDL-Data Management
www.sezonline-ndml.com Depository
26 SSJ Finance www.ssjfinance.com Depository
27 Infrastructure
Leasing And
Financial Services
Limited (ILFS)
www.ilfsindia.com Depository
28 National Securites
Depository Limited
www.nsdl.co.in Depository
29 Stock Holding
Corporation of India
shcil.com Depository
30 IILM http://www.iilm.edu Education
31 Indian Institute of
Planning and
www.iipm.edu Education
32 JEE-IIT www.iitg.ac.in/jee Education
33 MDI GURGAON http://www.mdi.ac.in Education
34 IIM Banglore www.iimb.ernet.in/ Education
35 Manipal Higher Education www.manipal.edu Education
36 JVVNL - Jaipur
Vidyut Vitran
Nigam Ltd
www.jaipurdiscom.in Electricity
37 Paschim Gujarat Vij
Co. Ltd.(PGVCL)
www.pgvcl.com Electricity
38 Tata Power Electricty
Company Limited
tatapower.com Electricity
39 Torrent Power  -
torrentpower.com Electricity
40 Torrent Power - Surat
torrentpower.com Electricity
41 Uttar Gujarat Vij.
Co. Ltd.(UGVCL)
www.ugvcl.com Electricity
42 Dakshin Gujarat Vij
Co. Ltd.(DGVCL)
www.dgvcl.com Electricity
43 Gujarat Electricity Board gseb.com Electricity
44 Madhya Gujarat Vij
Co. Ltd(MGVCL)
www.mgvcl.com Electricity
45 Maharashtra State
Electricity Board,
www.mahadiscom.com Electricity
46 North Delhi Power
www.ndplonline.com Electricity
47 Reliance Energy Limited www.rel.co.in Electricity

Andhra Pradesh Central
Power Distrubution
Company Limited

www.apcentralpower.com Electricity
49 BSES Rajdhani www.bsesdelhi.com Electricity
50 BSES Yamuna www.bsesdelhi.com Electricity
51 Eastern Power
Company Limited
www.apeasternpower.com Electricity
52 Bajaj Auto Finance bajajauto.com Finance
53 IndraPrastha Gas Limited www.iglonline.net Gas Supply
54 Mahanagar Gas Limited www.mahanagargas.com Gas Supply
55 Kerala Water
kwa.kerla.gov.in GOVERNMENT
56 Kerala Water
Authority-E Tender
kwa.kerla.gov.in GOVERNMENT
57 Protector of
Emigrants (POE)
immihelp.com GOVERNMENT
58 Intech Hotels inteenhotel.com Hotel & Hospitality
59 Future Generali Life
futuregenerali.com Insurance
60 HDFC Standard Life
hdfclife.com Insurance
61 New India Assurance newindia.co.in Insurance
62 Canara HSBC OBC Life
canarahsbclife.com Insurance
63 HDFC General Insurance ndfeergo.com Insurance
64 ICICI Lombard General
icicilombard.com Insurance
65 ICICI Prudential Life
iciciprulife.com Insurance
66 IFFCO -Tokyo General
www.iffcotokio.co.in Insurance
67 IDBI Fortis Life
www.idbifortis.com Insurance
68 LIC www.licindia.com Insurance
69 Max New York Life
www.maxnewyorklife.com Insurance
70 NRI Online Private
www.nriol.com Insurance
71 Reliance Life Insurance
Company Limited
www.reliancelife.co.in Insurance
72 SBI Life Insurance
www.sbilife.co.in Insurance
73 TATA-AIG Life Insurance
Insurance Company
www.tata-aig.com Insurance
74 AVIVA Life Insurance
www.avivaindia.com Insurance
75 E-India Insurance www.eindiainsurance.com/ Insurance
76 Aegon Religare Life
Insurance Company
limitedinsurance.net Insurance
77 IDBI Fortis Life
idbifedral.com Insurance
78 Universal Sompo
General Insurance
universalsompo.com Insurance
79 SUD Life Insurance sudlife.in Insurance
80 TATA Communications
Internet Services Limited
www.tatacommunications.com ISP
81 Direct Internet www.directinternet.co.in ISP
82 YOU Telecom youbroadband.in ISP
83 TATA Communications
www.tatacommunications.com ISP
84 HDFC Limited - Loans www.hdfc.com Loan
85 ICICI Bank - Loans www.icicibank.com Loan
86 Barclays Bank - Loans www.barclays.in Loan
87 Citibank -Loans www.citibank.com/india Loan
88 Tata Sky Limited www.tatasky.com Media &
89 Book MY Show.com www.bookmyshow.com Media &
90 VIRGIN Mobile India virginmobile.in Mobile
91 AIRTEL Kerala www.airtel.in Mobile
92 HUTCHAP www.vodafone.in Mobile
93 HUTCHAS www.vodafone.in Mobile
94 HUTCHCA www.vodafone.in Mobile
95 HUTCHDL www.vodafone.in Mobile
96 HUTCHGJ www.vodafone.in Mobile
97 AIRTEL Kolkatta www.airtel.in Mobile
98 HUTCHHR www.vodafone.in Mobile
99 HUTCHKER www.vodafone.in Mobile
100 HUTCHKT www.vodafone.in Mobile
101 HUTCHMU www.vodafone.in Mobile
102 HUTCHNE www.vodafone.in Mobile
103 HUTCHOR www.vodafone.in Mobile
104 HUTCHPB www.vodafone.in Mobile
105 HUTCHRJ www.vodafone.in Mobile
106 HUTCHROM www.vodafone.in Mobile
107 HUTCHROTN www.vodafone.in Mobile
108 AIRTEL Maharastra www.airtel.in Mobile
109 HUTCHUE www.vodafone.in Mobile
110 HUTCHUW www.vodafone.in Mobile
111 HUTCHWB www.vodafone.in Mobile
112 IDEA ANDHRA PRADESH www.ideacellular.com Mobile
113 IDEA BIHAR www.ideacellular.com Mobile
114 AIRTEL MP www.airtel.in Mobile
115 IDEA DELHI www.ideacellular.com Mobile
116 IDEA GUJARAT www.ideacellular.com Mobile
117 IDEA HARYANA www.ideacellular.com Mobile
www.ideacellular.com Mobile
119 IDEA KERALA www.ideacellular.com Mobile
120 IDEA MADHYA PRADESH www.ideacellular.com Mobile
www.ideacellular.com Mobile
122 IDEA MUMBAI www.ideacellular.com Mobile
123 IDEA RAJASTHAN www.ideacellular.com Mobile
www.ideacellular.com Mobile
125 AIRTEL Orissa www.airtel.in Mobile
www.ideacellular.com Mobile
127 AIRTEL Pune www.airtel.in Mobile
128 AIRTEL Punjab www.airtel.in Mobile
129 MTNL Garuda www.selfcare.mtnl.net.in/ Mobile
130 MTNL Mumbai - Dolphin www.selfcare.mtnl.net.in/ Mobile
131 AIRTEL Rajasthan www.airtel.in Mobile
132 RIM Andhra pradesh www.rcom.co.in Mobile
133 AIRTEL Tamilnadu www.airtel.in Mobile
134 RIM Delhi www.rcom.co.in Mobile
135 RIM Gujrat www.rcom.co.in Mobile
136 RIM Haryana www.rcom.co.in Mobile
137 RIM Karnataka www.rcom.co.in Mobile
138 RIM Kerala www.rcom.co.in Mobile
139 RIM Madhya pradesh www.rcom.co.in Mobile
140 RIM Maharashtra www.rcom.co.in Mobile
141 RIM Mumbai www.rcom.co.in Mobile
142 RIM Orissa www.rcom.co.in Mobile
143 RIM Punjab www.rcom.co.in Mobile
144 AIRTEL UP (East) www.airtel.in Mobile
145 RIM Rajasthan www.rcom.co.in Mobile
146 RIM Tamilnadu www.rcom.co.in Mobile
147 RIM UP (e) www.rcom.co.in Mobile
148 RIM UP(W) www.rcom.co.in Mobile
149 RIM West bengal www.rcom.co.in Mobile
150 Spice Communications
Limited (Karnataka)
www.spiceindia.com Mobile
151 AIRTEL UP (West) www.airtel.in Mobile
152 TATA DOCOMO www.tatadocomo.com/ Mobile
153 TATA INDICOM AP www.tataindicom.com Mobile
154 TATA INDICOM Bihar www.tataindicom.com Mobile
155 TATA INDICOM Delhi www.tataindicom.com Mobile
156 TATA INDICOM Gujarat www.tataindicom.com Mobile
157 TATA INDICOM Haryana www.tataindicom.com Mobile
158 TATA INDICOM HP www.tataindicom.com Mobile
159 AIRTEL West Bengal www.airtel.in Mobile
www.tataindicom.com Mobile
161 TATA INDICOM Kerala www.tataindicom.com Mobile
162 TATA INDICOM Kolkatta www.tataindicom.com Mobile
www.tataindicom.com Mobile
164 TATA INDICOM MP www.tataindicom.com Mobile
165 TATA INDICOM Orissa www.tataindicom.com Mobile
166 TATA INDICOM Pune www.tataindicom.com Mobile
167 TATA INDICOM Punjab www.tataindicom.com Mobile
www.tataindicom.com Mobile
www.tataindicom.com Mobile
www.tataindicom.com Mobile
www.tataindicom.com Mobile
www.tataindicom.com Mobile
173 AIRTEL AP www.airtel.in Mobile
174 AIRTEL Bihar www.airtel.in Mobile
175 AIRTEL Delhi www.airtel.in Mobile
176 BPL Mobile www.loopmobile.in Mobile
177 BSNL - AN - Andaman www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
178 BSNL - AP - Andhra
www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
179 BSNL - AS - Assam www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
180 BSNL - BH - Bihar www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
181 BSNL - Cellone Bhopal www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
182 BSNL - CG -
www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
183 BSNL - CH - Chennai www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
184 AIRTEL Gujarat www.airtel.in Mobile
185 BSNL - CTD - Kolkata www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
186 BSNL - GJ - Gujarat www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
187 BSNL - HP -
Himachal Pradesh
www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
188 BSNL - HR - Haryana www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
189 BSNL - JH - Jharkhand www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
190 BSNL - JK - Jammu
www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
191 BSNL - KA - Karnataka www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
192 BSNL - KE - Kerala www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
193 BSNL - MH -
www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
194 BSNL - MP -
Madhya Pradesh
(including chattisgarh)
www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
195 AIRTEL Haryana www.airtel.in Mobile
196 BSNL - NE - North East www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
197 BSNL - NE1 - North
East-1 Circle
www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
198 BSNL - NE2 - North
East-2 Circle
www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
199 BSNL - OR - Orissa www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
200 BSNL - PB - Punjab www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
201 BSNL - RAJ - Rajasthan www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
202 BSNL - TN - Tamilnadu www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
203 BSNL - UAL -
www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
204 BSNL - UPE - UP East www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
205 BSNL - UPW - UP
www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
206 AIRTEL HP www.airtel.in Mobile
207 BSNL - WB -
West Bengal
www.bsnl.co.in Mobile
208 AIRTEL Karnataka www.airtel.in Mobile
209 Aircel aircel.com Mobile
210 HSBC Mutual Fund hsbc.co.in Mutual Fund
211 Morgan Stanley
Mutual Fund
indiamf.morganstanley.com Mutual Fund
212 Franklin Templeton
Mutual Fund
franklintempletonindia.com Mutual Fund
213 HDFC Mutual Fund hdfcfund.com Mutual Fund
214 ICICI Prudential
Mutual Fund
icicipruamc.com Mutual Fund
215 Kotak Mutual Fund kotakmutual.com Mutual Fund
216 LIC-MF www.licmutual.com Mutual Fund
217 IDFC Mutual Fund www.idfcmf.com Mutual Fund
218 Principal PNB
Mutual Fund
www.principalindia.com Mutual Fund
219 Sundaram BNP Paribas
Mutual Fund
www.sundarambnpparibas.in Mutual Fund
220 UTI Mutual Fund www.utimf.com Mutual Fund
221 AXIS Mutual Fund axismf.com Mutual Fund
222 DLF Pramerica
Life Insurance
dlfpramericalife.com Mutual Fund
223 Birla Sunlife Mutual Fund birlasunlife.co Mutual Fund
224 Aidtya Birla Mutual Fund mutualfund.birlasunlife.com Mutual Fund
225 Rang De rande.org Micro Finance
226 Tanishq tanishq.co.in Jewellery
227 IDBI Mutual Fund idbimutual.co.in Mutual Fund
228 BEST TENDER privilegebazar.com Online Bidding
/ Tendering
229 Antares Systems reliancemoney.com Online Bidding
/ Tendering
230 Geneva Software Limited genevasoftech.com Online Shopping
231 Net4India net4.in Online Shopping
232 Rediff.com rediff.com Online Shopping
233 Bharat Petroleum
Corporation Limited
bharatpetroleum.com Online Shopping
234 AGEL  India
Private Limited
agel.com Online Shopping
235 HomeShop18 www.homeshop18.com Online Shopping
236 Shopper's Stop shoppersstop.com Online Shopping
237 Gift360 gift360.in Online Shopping
238 I-Bibo Web
Private Limited
www.ibibo.com Online Shopping
239 iKariti.com www.ikartit.com Online Shopping
240 Just Dial Limited www.justdial.com Online Shopping
241 Loreal www.loreal.co.in Online Shopping
242 Medybiz www.medybiz.com Online Shopping
243 Seventymm.com www.seventymm.com Online Shopping
244 TATA Motors http://nanogear.tatanano.com Online Shopping
www.vriti.com Online Shopping
246 Shopper’s Stop shoppersstop.com Online Shopping
247 Maruti Suzuki marutisuzuki.com Automobile
248 Bookmyshow.com www.bookmyshow.com Online Ticketing
249 Seventymm.com www.seventymm.com Online Ticketing
250 Fun Multiplex Pvt
Ltd (Fun Republic)
https://www.funcinemas.com Online Ticketing
251 BIG CINEMAS bigcinemas.com Online Ticketing
252 JUSTDIAL www.justdial.com Online Yellow
253 Quick Heal Technology www.quickheal.com Portal
254 Bayer Polychem www.bayergroupindia.com Portal
255 UAE Exchange
uaeexchangetravel.com Portal
256 Shaadi.com shaadi.com Portal
257 Computer Society
of India
www.csi-india.org/ Subscription
258 Census India censusindia.net Subscription
259 India Today Magazine www.indiatoday.com Subscription
261 National Horticulture
nhb.gov.in Subscription
262 Indian Dental
ida.org.in Subscription
263 Chennai Metro and
Water Supply
chennaimetrowater.tn.nic Taxes
264 Lucknow Nagar Nigam lme.up.nic.in Taxes
265 Pimpri Chinchwad
Municipal Corporation
pemeindia.in Taxes
266 Muncipal Corporation Of
Greater Mumbai
www.mcgm.gov.in Taxes
267 Varanasi Nagar Nigam www.nnvns.org/home.htm Taxes
268 Corporation of Chennai www.chennaicorporation.gov.in Taxes
269 Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam nagarnigamghaziabad.com Taxes
270 Bareilly Nagar Nigam nagarnigambareilly.com Taxes
271 WorldPhone worldphone.in Telephone
272 MTNL Delhi www.mtnldelhi.in Telephone
273 MTNL Mumbai www.mtnl.net.in/index.htm Telephone
274 Tata Tele Services
www.tataindicom.com Telephone
275 Bfone - Ahmedabad www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
276 Bfone - Bangalore www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
277 Bfone - Bhopal www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
278 Bfone - Chandigarh www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
279 Bfone - indore www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
280 bfone-kalyan www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
281 Bfone - Chennai www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
282 Bfone - Goa www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
283 Bfone - Gurgaon www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
284 Bfone - Hyderabad www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
285 Bfone - Kolhapur www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
286 Bfone - Kozikode www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
287 Bfone - Ludihana www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
288 Bfone - Nagpur www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
289 Bfone - Pune www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
290 Bfone - Surat www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
291 Bfone - Trivandrum www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
292 Bharti Airtel Limited
- Landline
www.airtel.in Telephone
293 BSNL Bangalore www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
294 BSNL-ORISSA www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
295 BSNL Bhopal www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
296 BSNL Chennai www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
297 BSNL Gujarat www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
298 BSNL Hubli www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
299 BSNL Kalyan www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
300 BSNL Mangalore www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
301 BSNL Mysore www.bsnl.co.in Telephone
302 Chhattisgarh State
Power Distribution
Company Ltd-CSEB
cseb.gov.in Electricity
303 IRCTC makemytrip.com Tour & Travel
304 Easytrip Planner irctc.co.in Tour & Travel
305 Hampshire Hotels easemytrip.com Tour & Travel
306 Orange Holidays hampshirehotels.com Tour & Travel
307 Arzoo Travels orange-holiays.com Tour & Travel
308 LE PASSAGE TO INDIA india.arzoo.com Tour & Travel
309 Akbar Travels www.akbartravel.com Tour & Travel
310 Travelguru.com www.travelguru.com Tour & Travel
311 Yatra.com www.yatra.com Tour & Travel
312 Cleartrip Travel
Services Pvt. Ltd.
www.cleartrip.com Tour & Travel
313 Cox & Kings India
Pvt Ltd.
www.coxandking.com Tour & Travel
314 EzeeGo1 Pvt. Ltd. www.ezeego1.com Tour & Travel
315 Rechargeitnow.com rechargeitnow.com Utility Service
316 Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd mptourism.com Tour & Travel
317 Maharashtra State
Road Transport
msrtc.gov.in GOVERNMENT
318 MIDC midcindia.org GOVERNMENT
319 Ulhas Nagar Municipal
ume.gov.in GOVERNMENT
320 Information Kerala
infokerla.org GOVERNMENT
321 Punjab State
Electricity Board
psebindia.org Electricity
322 NEVALES Networks nevales.com ISP
323 Landmark landmarkontnenet.com Online Shopping
324 IIT MADRAS - Gate iitm.ac.in Education
325 Essar Steel essar.com Ecommerce
326 Games 24 x 7 games24x7.com Onlime Gaming
327 EBAY ebay.in Online Shopping
328 Deals4All deals4all.net Online Shopping
329 National Horticulture
nhb.gov.in GOVERNMENT
330 Uttrakhand Excise
uttrakhandexcise.org GOVERNMENT
331 Value Budget Housing Corporation ubhe.com Finance
332 Star CJ Network India Pvt Ltd starej.com Ecommerce
333 Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading Co Ltd coffeeday.com Online Shopping
334 Madhya Pradesh
Paschim Kshetra
Vidyut Vitaran
mppkwel.org Electricity
335 ING Vysya Life Insurance inglife.co.in Insurance
336 Benchmark Mutual Fund benchmarkfunds.com Mutual Fund
337 Pramerica Asset
pramerieamt.com Mutual Fund
338 Suvidha Starnet Pvt Ltd suvidha.net Portal
339 DLF Homes
Services Pvt Ltd
dlf.in Finance
340 Proficient group proficientconsultancy.com Portal
341 Religare Health
religare.in Insurance
342 Symbiosis Center
for Distance Learning
sedl.net Education
343 Paschimanchal
Vitran Vidyut
Nigam Limited
pvvnl.org Electricity
wortaline.com Portal
345 MAERSK INDIA PVT. LTD. maerskline.com Shipping
346 Quantum Mutual Fund quantumame.com Mutual Fund
uiie.co.in INsurance
municipality.tn.gov.in GOVERNMENT
349 OXFAM INDIA oxfamindia.org NGO
maxbupa.com Insurance
mcdonline.gov.in GOVERNMENT
352 Ifast financial
services pvt ltd
ifsatfinancial.co.in MUtual Fund
ecmediainternational.com ONLINE
354 STAR INCURANCE starhealth.in Insurance
jpmorganmf.com MUtual Fund
356 ADANI GAS LIMITED adanigas.com Gas Supply
357 Nagpur municipal
nmepropertytax.com Taxes
358 Rashtriya Ispat
Nigam Limited-
steel Plant
vizagsteel.com GOVERNMENT
359 Bajaj Allianz Life
bajajallianz.com Insurance
360 Bajaj Allianz General
Insurance Company
bajajallianz.com Insurance
361 Delhi Integrated
Multi- modal
Transit System Ltd.
dimts.in Govt Transport
362 Integrated Securities
cubsharebroking.com  Brokerage
363 Arvind Motors arvindmotors.com Tour & Travel
364 Royal Sundaram General
Insurance Ltd
royalsundaram.in Insurance
365 HelpAge India helpageindia.org Charity
366 CRIS cris.org.in GOVERNMENT
367 Bharat Matrimony bharatmatrimony.com Subscription
368 Axis Cards axisbank.com Credit Card
369 UIT KOTA uitkota.com GOVERNMENT
371 MARVEL TRIP marveltrip.com Tour & Travel
372 WOODLAND WORLDWIDE woodlandworldwide.com Ecommerce
373 DELHI GOLF CLUB dgc_delhi.com Media &
jmejabalpur.org GOVERNMENT
uhbvn.com Electricity
376 WORLD TOURS worldtourtravelonline.com Tour & Travel
377 RELIANCE GLOBAL CALL relianceglobalcall.com Telephone
378 TRIPURA TOURISM tripuratourism.in Tour & Travel
379 CROMA cromaretail.com Ecommerce
380 Aircel aircel.com Telephone
381 DOMINOS dominos.co.in Hotel & Hospitality
mitsuniversity.ac.in Education
383 Bharti Axa Life Insurance bharti-axalife.com Insurance
384 Loop Mobile loopmobile.in Telephone
385 Cellone cellone.in Telephone
386 CHILDLINE childlineindia.org.in Charity
387 Cancer Patients Aid
cpaaindia.org Charity
388 IDEA Cellular ideacellular.com Telephone
389 MTNL Delhi mtnldelhi.in Telephone
390 MTNL Mumbai mtnlmumbai.in Telephone
391 National Association
for the Blind
nabindia.org Charity
392 People for the Ethical
Treatment of Animals
peta.org Charity
393 Readers Digest readersdigest.co.in Subscription
394 Save the Children savethechilden.org Charity
395 WISE wise.org Charity
396 Sugal & Damani Utility
Services Pvt.Ltd
www.thotmatrix.com Online Educational
Software Services
397 CT.S TOURS & TRAVELS www.ctstravels.com Tours & Travels
398 Bank Bazaar www.bankbazaar.com Online Shopping
399 Inside World www.fxbase.com Forex Subscriptions
400 Aman Travels limited(Globalresnetwork) www.globalresnetwork.com online B2B hotel
reservation system
401 Aman Travels limited(Leisurebird) www.leisurebird.com Travel Portal for B2C
402 Computer Age Management Services Pvt Ltd www.camsonline.com Online Services for
Distributors,AMCs &
403 A and A Dukaan Financial Services Pvt Ltd (Bank Bazaar) www.bankbazaar.com Financial Services
404 Indus I Phone Pay Pvt ltd http://www.ifonepay.com/ Internet Social Network Application
405 Mahindra Finance (Loan Repayment) http://www.mahindrafinance.com/ Broking
406 Alankit Assignments http://www.alankitonline.com/ Financial Services
407 Alankit Assignment Ltd POP PAN CARD http://www.alankitonline.com/ Financial Services
408 Religare Marketing Services Pvt Ltd http://www.religareonline.com/
409 Bonne Sante Healthcare www.condomking.in Online Sale of Health care products
410 Gulf Tours & Travels Pvt Ltd www.simplyyatra.com IATA Accredited Travel agency
411 Buttertrip.com(Kasauli Hotels) www.kasauli.net Hotel Booking
412 Mantis Technologies http://www.travelyaari.com/ Bus ticket booking
413 Nax Travels http://www.naxtravels.in/ Tours & Travels
414 Credit Information Bureau India Ltd (CIBIL) www.cibil.com Sale of Information Credit Report
415 Mapwell Solution www.mapwellsolutions.com Consultancy & Analytics Services in Lifescience & Healthcare
416 Indo Asia Leisure Services Ltd www.openworldholidays.com Tours & Travels
417 Ushodaya Enterprises
(E nadu)
www.enadupellipandiri.net Matrimonial Site
418 Ushodaya Enterprises
(E classified)
http://www.eenaduclassifieds.net/ Classifieds
419 ACE2Three http://www.ace2three.com/ Online Rummy Games
420 Andhra Pradesh Central Power Distribution Company Ltd www.apcentralpower.com/ Power Distribution Company
421 Tata sky Ltd www.tatasky.com (DTH) service provider
422 Taxeworld.com Pvt ltd http://www.taxeworld.com/ Filing of Income Tax Return online
423 Easy Trip Planners Pvt Ltd(B2B) www.easemytrip.com Travel Portal for Flight Booking
424 Shree Shyam Trip Planners Pvt. Ltd. www.flywala.com Travel Portal
425 Windfall Information Technology http://www.winwindfall.com/ Online Educational Platform
426 Nyrose Technologies http://www.inkakinada.com/ Online Shopping
427 Alpari Forex India Pvt Ltd http://www.alpari.co.in/ Financial Services
428 J K Camera World www.jkcamerazone.com Online Sale of Cameras
429 Fortune Space Eservices Best Hotel Deal www.besthoteldeals.co.in Travel Portal & Hotel Booking
430 Star homes Pune http://www.starhomespune.com/ Online Booking of Service Apartments
433 Cotton House http://www.cottonhouse.co.in/ Sale of Dresses Online
434 Health Impetus Private Limited www.swasthamindia.com Online Subscription
435 Pune e-Stock Broking Pvt Ltd   www.pesb.co.in Financial Services
436 KPIT Cummins(International Center for Automotive technology) www.icat.in Agency of Govt of india for testing,homologation& certification for automotive sector
437 Pitstop Services pvt. Ltd (Carbiz) www.carbiz.in Old to New Certifiation
438 Education World http://www.
Online shopping of Magazines
439 Kala Kendra http://www.kalakendra.net.in/ Online Shopping
440 Medindia Health Network www.medindia.net Sale of Medical records online
441 Jeppiaar Travels www.jeppiaartravels.com Tours & Travels
442 Travel Biz  http://www.travelbiz.in/ Tours & Travels
443 Abhipra Management Services www.travel.abhipra.com Travel Portal
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445 Bajaj Travels http://www.airtickets24x7.com Travel Portal
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447 Jainam Share Consultants www.jainam.in Stock Broking
448 Suresh Rathi Securities www.sureshrathi.com Stock Broking
449 Kandivali Education Society http://www.kes.ac.in/ Educational Institute
450 Shilpa Stock Brokers Pvt Ltd www.ssbpl.net Stock Broking
451 MOL Access Portal Pvt. Ltd
(Money Online)
www.mol.com Online Shopping of Computer Games
452 Big Tree Entertainment https://www.bookmyshow.com/ Ticketing, Information and Analysis Solutions Provider.
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Tours & Travels
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Tour and travel
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502 Iseva website will be provided later on Bill Payment
503 Prasanna Purple Mobility Solutions Pvt. Ltd. www.hohoindia.com Travel portal for Bus ticketing
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514 Eseva www.esevaonline.com/ Bill Payment
515 Astroshastra www.astroshastra.com Astrologer
516 Indian Renewable energy (IREDA) www.ireda.gov.in Government org
517 Udavum Karangal www.udavumkarangal.org NGO
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(for fee collection)
www.sachdevagroup.co.in Educational Institute
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Online shopping of Children Toys
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599 RACE Department of Anesthesia. http://raceanes.org/ Medical College
600 Cinnamon Hosptality Pvt Ltd www.traveltwitter.in Travel
601 Gooseberry Holidays Pvt Ltd http://highontravel.com/ Online Travel Agent
602 Consoul Interactive www.consoul.in Retail Portal (Video Game CD’s and accessories)
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Healthcare Industry
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613 YRG care http://yrgcare.org/ NGO
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622 Round trip.in http://www.roundtrip.in/ Tours & Travels
623 IETE (The Institution of Electronics & Telecommunication) www.iete.org Educational institute
624 E-Pagemaker Pvt. Ltd. www.epagemaker.com Webdevelopers
625 Adarsh E-learning Pvt Ltd. www.a2e.co.in E-learning (Education)
626 Ezee Go Trip (India) Pvt Ltd www.ezeetrip.com Travel Portal
627 Spring Travels Pvt. Ltd.(B2B) www.springtravels.com Tour & Travel
628 Knoshelf Online Retail Services Pvt Ltd www.knoshelf.com Travel Portal
629 Creative Concepts www.doliwheels.com Tours & Travels
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640 Global Media Box www.wowarabia.com Event Management
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681 Ideal Tours and Travels Collection www.idealtravelandtours.com Tours and travels
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683 Travel Link Collection www.bratislavahotelstart.com Tours and travels
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695 Roi FastTrack Infotech Solutions LLP http://www.roiinfotech.com Travel Portal
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697 MINDSPACE HOTELS PVT LTD CITRUS https://gc.synxis.com Hotel
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Online selling
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715 India Darshan www.indiadarshan.in Tour and travel
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718 Jaro Route Two Jobs www.route2jobs.org online shopping
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720 NJ India Invest Pvt Ltd Print www.njindiaonline.com Online shopping
721 AP Fashions Pvt Ltd www.apfashions.net Export House & Online Sales
722 Mizoram Public Service Commission www.mpsc.mizoram.gov.in/ Public Service Conmmission
723 Labiza Online Solutions www.bookayatra.com Travel Portal
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726 Polo Creations Pvt Ltd www.premaraindia.com Online shopping
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731 Fiz Hospitality Pvt Ltd Collection www.fizhospitality.com
Hotel Booking
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739 Bio Medical Informatics Pvt Ltd www.biomedical-informatics.net Selling on Bio Medical Science
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744 Indus Holidays and Tours Pvt Ltd www.indusholidays.com Travel
745 Hotel Transit Pvt Ltd www.hoteltransit.in Hotel Booking
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748 Leoheart Itech Pvt Ltd Collection www.tricktrip.com Travel
749 Airlink Communications Pvt Ltd www.airlinkcom.in Broadband Internet services
750 The shri Ram School www.tsrs.org Education
751 GI Games Pvt Ltd http://www.rummyraja.in/ Online games
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753 Island Holidays www.islandholidays.com Travel Portal
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IT & IT Infra
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769 System Consulting www.windowssystemconsulting.com IT
770 Jesus Ministries http://www.jesusministries.org/ NGO

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