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Target Group

  • Employees of those Organizations only whose salaries are being disbursed through our Bank Branches.


  • Minimum Gross Monthly salary of the proponent should be Rs.20000/- and he / she should be a permanent employee with a minimum 2 years service in the same Organization.
  • The Organization proposed for designation must have strength of minimum 20 eligible employees.


The age of the applicant should be minimum 21 years and loan should be repaid at least one year before his/her retirement from service.


  • Loan may be utilized for the purpose of purchasing any consumer durable item / two wheeler, etc or any other tangible item(s) which can be validly hypothecated to the Bank and / or for meeting domestic, social, religious and other exigency expenses.
  • However, for meeting domestic, social, religious and other exigency expenses, utilization of loan should not exceed 50% of the loan amount.

Quantum of Loan :

  • 24 times of present Gross Monthly Salary, subject to maximum loan limit of Rs.7.50 Lac and minimum loan limit of Rs.50000/-
  • Loan amount should be assessed in such a manner that net take home salary after taking into account all deductions (existing and EMI of new loan) is not below 40% of the monthly gross salary.


10% (to be calculated on the basis of total Assets owned or to be purchased by the borrower).

Rate of Interest


Maximum 60 Equated Monthly Installments (EMI). The loan must be repaid 1 year before loanee’s retirement


One month


  • Hypothecation of articles being financed and /or other items of existing article owned by the proponent covering the full value of loan amount.
  • Guarantee of spouse or parents in case of unmarried applicants.

Processing Fee

Prepayment Penalty -
2.25% of Outstanding Balance only in case of takeover.